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 Solar Consultation

Energy Consultation

A Energy specialist will help you determine whether Solar is right for your home. This includes a free analysis where we'll get your utility usage, take a look at your roof using satellite imaging, design and configure a system to your specific needs, and go over all of our products and financing options to find the best solution for you. 

Plans and Design

Site Survey/Design/Permitting

One of our expert engineers will take measurements of your roof, conduct a shade analysis using a Sun Eye device, and design a system. Upon your approval of the plan layout, we'll submit to the city for permits.

Installation and Power Up!

Installation/System Power-Up

After we receive permits we'll install your Solar System on a day that works for you. In most cases, system installation will take approximately 1-3 days depending on the system size. Once your job passes final inspection, and we have approval from utility company, flip the switch and enjoy the savings.

System Size Calculator

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*These results are a reasonably accurate estimate. Please contact us direct for a free customized proposal.  


We Offer Purchase, Lease, Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), and EZ Own.

We Have It All!


Purchasing the System is the best way to go if you qualify for the 30% Federal Tax Credit. The credit can be used (depending on your tax liability) to reamortize your loan with the finance company to reduce your principal and payment for term of the loan.

Lease Option

NO MONEY DOWN Lease is a great option if you can't benefit from the 30% Federal Tax Credit. You pay a fixed monthly amount with a small or no annual escalator. The finance company owns the equipment, insures it, maintains it, and guarantees the production for the full 20 or 25 years depending on the terms of the lease. 


Power Purchase Agreement is similar to the lease, you pay nothing up front, you pay for the power you generate at a fixed per kilowatt-hour (kWH) rate for the duration of the agreement. The Purchasing benefits, such as rebates and Federal Tax Credits belong to the Finance Company. 


Solar Purchase vs. Lease & PPA

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